Material (please specify when ordering):

  • A = Aluminum Bronze (AlBz)
  • B = Copper Beryllium (BeCu)

Example: 2000-23A or 2000-23B
Type (ID): 2000-23

101U-0100Hammer, Ball Peen1Ibs1
104U-0500Hammer, Sledge5Ibs1
106U-0150Hammer, Scaling1.5Ibs2
207-50Wrench, Valve50mm1
301-10Drift, Cylindrical10mm1
304-200Chisel, Hand22x220mm1
402-45Scraper, Angle45mm2
403-300Scraper, Triangular300mm1
501-10Wrench, Adjustable End10″1
502-15Wrench, Adjustable End15″1
502-12Wrench, Pipe12″1
604-10Pliers, Groove10″1
801-8-150Screwdriver, Standard8x150mm1
801-10-200Screwdriver, Standard10x200mm1
1001-3Brush, Straight3Rows2
1004-120Dust, Pan120mm2
1301-500Bar, Pinch500mm1

May be modified according to your demand.
Weight empty Box: 12.100 Kg
Weight full Box: 26.800 Kg